Sunday, January 31, 2016

Avon Catalog 5 ~ Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser 2 For $11.99

avon anew vitale in catalog 4

Item# 898-222
Rated 4.7 Stars With 51 Reviews
Avon Campaign 5 2016 Catalog

Cleansing The #1 Most Important Step In Your Skincare Routine

Avon Anew Cleansers 2 For $11.99
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Catalog 5 2016

Avon Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser 2 For $11.99 In Catalog 5

Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser

See all the Avon Gel Cleansers That Are On Sale In Avon New Catalog. The Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser effectively removes make-up, excess oil and surface impurities. It helps refine skin's texture for a visibly smoother and softer appearance, and helps promote a clear, even-looking complexion.

Some Reviews

My face feels clean after using Anew Vitale. Since I'm 50 I usually use the Avon cleansers that have a lot of moisturizers, but I wanted to try this based on another reviewer loving it and I agree! I don't know what makes it so special but it feels nice and my skin feels clean and refreshed after I use it. This might be my go-to cleanser from now on!

I Love this product because as I wash my face it also cleans off any face/eye makeup. I feel like I'm able to combine those steps. Save time that I hate to spend getting ready for my day or getting ready for bed.
Will continue to buy this

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