Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Avon Catalog Bubble Bath Sale 2 For $9.00

avon catalog

Item# 326-486
4.8 Stars With 48 Reviews
Reg Price 8.00
Sale 2 for $9.00
Avon Campaign 5 Catalog

All Fragrances Of Avon Bubble Baths On Sale
Mix or Match Your Favorites



Bubble Bath's On Sale Campaign 5 Catalog

Avon Bubble Bath Sale In Catalog 5 2016. Featured is Lavender Bubble Bath.This blissful bubble bath instantly transports you to a garden of fragrant lavender. Combined with calming chamomile, the soothing scent creates a spa-like experience of relaxation and serenity, as the rich bubble gently cleanse you. 24 fl. oz. 

I love Avon bubble baths!!! The scents are wonderful, the bubbles last 
forever, and my the bottles are HUGE for the price you pay. These are 
much worth it!!

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