Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Avon Brochure Online~Bubble Delight Bubble Bath 2 For $9.99 In Campaign 15, 16, And 17 2014

Avon Brochure Campaign 15, 16 and 17

Bubble Delight Bubble Bath
Dermatologically tested. Each, 24 fl. oz.
Lavender Garden: Soft & soothing.
Soft Pink: Classic florals.
Cucumber Melon:Fresh & sweet.
Coconut Water: Refreshing & tropical.
Sensitive Skin: With chamomile.
Vanilla Cream: Warm & creamy.
Pomegranate & Peony: Lush & floral.
Price: ANY 2 FOR 9.99

a bubbly ESCAPE

LOVE it get IT!

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Endless Ocean Bubble Delight Bubble Bath


Set sail with the relaxing scent of an Ocean Breeze with hints ofJuicy Mandarin and Sun-Drenched Driftwood.Dermatologically tested. Each, 24 fl. oz.